Communication Prep

Please fill in the form below for any speaking engagements you would like me to be a part of.

what is the theme of the event?
what time is allocated? and which language to use?
kindly indicate specific time of arrival, start of the function, duration of the function and convenient time for departure
your preferred areas of focus
eg. a sit down dinner, panel discussion, cocktail type, rally, classroom type,etc.
for protocol purposes
eg. youth, women, religious, students, workers, academics, professionals, or other.
please provide us with a guest list, if applicable.

who is organising the event? what are the
please provide us with a draft or final programme, to be attached separately and accompany this form.
is the event open or closed to the media? have you invited the media? please provide a list of invited media. attach your media invite. is the event live on any medium tv/radio?
media liaison contact person’s details.
covering costs - flights, accommodation, transfers
all travel & accomodation costs to be covered by the host. speaking engagement fee to be negotiated per event.


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